Alfredo Broccoli & Bacon  (One Pan)

Alfredo Broccoli & Bacon will be your new staple! You will love the creamy sauce and want to drizzle it on just about everything. The best part, you get to make it in one pan!

Alfredo Broccoli is seriously so good. This on-pan sauce is packed with some much darn flavor. Serve it with your favorite pasta or grain and call it a meal!


– whipping cream – garlic parsley salt – parmesan – broccoli – bacon

In a deep skillet, bring heavy cream, parmesan, and garlic salt to a simmer. Continously stir to combine and create an even smooth sauce mixture.


Add in broccoli and stir to cover it with the alfredo sauce. Let it cook for about 3 minutes.


Sprinkle it with crispy bacon pieces. Serve while the sauce it still warm. Enjoy!


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