Chicken Crepe Pockets Recipe

Chicken Crepe Pockets are filled with the most luscious, creamy mixture of chicken, cream cheese and other goodies.

They are the perfect make ahead appetizer and are sure to wow your friends and family.


– eggs – flour – milk – vegetable oil – salt – chicken breast – green onions – cream cheese

Whisk eggs with flour until smooth. Add milk as you stir. Follow suit with oil.


Preheat a frying pan or crepe pan until it's sizzling hot, keeping heat at medium-high. Spray the pan with oil, but just this once. You do not need to do this for the remaining crepes, as the batter already contains enough oil.


Lift up the frying pan with one hand and pour the batter in with the other, rotating it carefully to evenly distribute. Flip crepes by lifting the edges with a fork carefully.


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