Grilled Teriyaki Chicken

Chicken teriyaki is such an easy dish to whip up at home. With just two ingredients – chicken and your favorite teriyaki sauce – this dish comes together in a matter of minutes. 


– Teriyaki sauce  – skinless boneless chicken


In a medium bowl, add teriyaki sauce with the chicken and turn to coat. Let the chicken marinate for at least 30 minutes.


Preheat the grill to a medium heat. Both indoor and outdoor grills should work. Once the grill is hot, lightly brush the grate with oil.


Grill chicken until it turns golden brown, or until it's is firm and juices run clear. Slice chicken in thin long strips before serving.

Hot tip: Check doneness by slicing each chicken piece to see if the juices run clear. You can also use a meat thermometer to ensure the internal temperature is 165 °F. Since chicken thighs are quite thin, they shouldn’t take more than 3-5 minutes per side.

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