Pan-Fried Cod Recipe

(Tips for Cooking Cod)

Pan-fried Cod has been one of our favorite ways to add a healthy protein to any plate. In just 20 minutes, you will have delicious fish on the table with little mess and all the flavor.


– cod fillet – garlic parsley salt – butter – lemon – green onions

Preheat a skillet with butter on a medium heat.


Season cod generously on all sides. Add the fillets to the skillet. Cook until it's golden brown, then turn it over.


Sprinkle the cod with lemon juice and green onions. Serve it right away.


Translucent to opaque Raw cod will be translucent and veiny. Once the cod is fully cooked, it will turn this beautiful opaque color. Once it does, immediately remove it from the heat to prevent overcooking.

How do you Know When Cod is Cooked?

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