Shiitake Mushrooms Recipe (Quick & Easy)

Shiitake Mushrooms are loaded with rich, earthy flavor. They are best when simply sautéed in a pan with just a few ingredients. This will be your new favorite side dish!


– shiitake mushrooms – large onion – oil – salt – ground black pepper – green onions

Slice mushrooms into bite-sized pieces and dice the onion. Add them to a pan with oil.


Saute' mushrooms on medium-high heat, stirring occasionally to promote even cooking. Cook for about 15 minutes, or until the shiitake mushrooms are golden brown. Season with salt and ground pepper.


Sprinkle shiitake mushrooms with green onion and serve right away.


Shiitake mushrooms make the most delicious side with eggs for breakfast. You can also add them to your mashed potatoes, a crunchy cabbage salad or even a mushroom sandwich with our no-knead bread.

How to Serve

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