Spatchcock Chicken  (Crazy Easy)

This recipe for spatchcock chicken gets a tender, juicy oven-roasted bird on the table in less than an hour’s time. Faster than roasting a whole bird and just as delicious!

If you’ve never tried spatchcocking a chicken before, today is your day! This cooking method gets a perfectly roasted chicken on the table in a fraction of the time as baking a whole chicken.


– unsalted butter – salt – ground black pepper – garlic cloves – whole chicken – fresh herbs


In a medium-size bowl, combine the softened butter with the salt, pepper, and garlic. Set aside.


Flip the chicken breast-side down. Using kitchen scissors, cut out the backbone of the chicken. Next, make a shallow slice down the back of the breast bone (this will help the chicken "open up").


Flip the chicken over and turn the legs inward. Using your hands, press the breasts down to lay the chicken flat (you might hear a slight crack and that's a good thing).


Carefully pull the skin away from the meat around the breast area.

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