• Instant Pot Chicken Thighs (Fresh or Frozen)

    11 hours ago

    These Chicken Thighs are ready in minutes. They're so juicy, full of flavor, and they are very easy to make!

    Instant Pot chicken thighs are so simple, yet so versatile. You can enjoy them as the main dish, in salads or for a Mexican Taco night. We serve them with rice, all the juice from the chicken adds incredible flavors to plain rice making it a perfect combo.

    I used the fresh...

  • Madeleine Cookies

    2 days ago

    This Madeleine Cookies are French shell shaped cookies. They are crispy on the outside and soft like cake on the inside. It's a quick and easy recipe you will love.

    These cookies, sometimes referred to as the Classic French Madeleines, are actually considered small sponge cakes. Over the years people have started calling them cookies because of their shape. I think it really depends who...

  • Coconut Macaroon Recipe

    3 days ago

    Coconut Macaroons are delicious, gluten-free cookies made with just a couple of ingredients. They are easy to make and come together in minutes.

    The white chocolate dipped bottom, combined with colorful sprinkles will make this the most sought after cookie in your Christmas cookie collection. Make it with kids and they’ll have a blast, it does have sprinkles after all!

    Thanks to...

  • Whipped Shortbread Cookies

    4 days ago

    These Whipped Shortbread Cookies are buttery, light and tender. They're so easy and simple to make, that it requires only 4 ingredients that most of you already have.

    These cookies are the staple holiday cookies to make. The finished product can be very versatile. You can finish them off being chocolate dipped or just covered with sprinkles.

    Whipped Shortbread Cookies can be made...

  • M&M Cookies

    5 days ago

    These M&M Cookies are chewy and soft, filled with a crunch of M&M chocolates.

    These cookies are the best cookies you will try. Typically it's hard to have that perfect consistency of chewy and soft. But, with this recipe you get the perfect result with almost no effort.

    What makes these M&M Cookies special is that you can choose the colors of M&M's to match the...

  • Ferrero Rocher Christmas Cookies

    6 days ago

    These Ferrero Rocher Christmas Cookies are crispy, flaky on the outside, with a nutty Nutella on the inside.

    Every year for Christmas we have a new Ferrero Rocher recipe. It has turned into a tradition because of the amount of love received by Ferrero Rocher Cake Recipe. It was talked about all over the radio...

  • White Chocolate Raspberry Mini Tarts

    1 week ago

    These white chocolate raspberry tarts have a delicate, sandy texture and are filled with a creamy, decadent white chocolate and cream cheese filling. They look so elegant and festive and you can even do most of the work in advance.

    The incorporation of fluffy whipped cream makes it as light as a cloud. The tart raspberries cut through the sweetness of the pastry and add just the right...

  • Kolaczki Recipe (Polish Cookies)

    1 week ago

    Kolaczki Cookies are the Polish Holiday cookies. These cookies come out extra flaky with jam in the center, you can use any jam of your choice. And the best part is that it only requires 5 ingredients!

    Kolaczki dough is made with butter and cream cheese. This gives that flaky texture to it, which makes them feel crisp and fluffy, like the snow. These cookies add to our list of must-try ...

  • Nutella Stuffed Snowball Cookies Recipe

    1 week ago

    Nutella Stuffed Snowball Cookies are classic cookies that melt in your mount. They're nutty and filled with an unexpected delight on the inside.

    Snowball Cookies are often referred to as the Russian Tea Cookies. They're irresistibly tender with a right pinch of sweetness, making it perfect with a cup of hot tea. The powdered, snowy look adds that nice Christmas feeling to the whole...

  • Cranberry White Chocolate Macarons

    1 week ago

    These Cranberry White Chocolate Macarons are perfect for the holiday season! The delicate almond wafers are filled with white chocolate buttercream and dollop of cranberry sauce in the center. You’ll love the sweet and tangy flavor of these holiday macarons!

    Tips for Making the Perfect Macarons

    1. A kitchen scale is highly recommended for this recipe. The batter needs to be...