• Perfectly Moist Cupcake Recipe

    22 hours ago

    These moist, vanilla-flavored cupcakes will melt in your mouth with a light sweetness. This recipe is made from scratch, but is just as simple to make as a boxed mix.

    I worked on perfecting this recipe. I wanted to make cupcakes that have a hint of vanilla flavor. And I finally did it! These came out perfectly moist and with an ideal balance of sweetness and light flavor. In fact, these...

  • Easy Farmers Cheese Recipe

    4 days ago

    Looking for the best Farmers Cheese recipe? Once you try this recipe, you will never want to buy Farmer's Cheese from a store again.

    In fact, many of my favorite desserts are made with this Easy Farmers Cheese Recipe! For instance, Farmers Cheese Coffee Cake Recipe,...

  • Corn Tomato Avocado Salad

    6 days ago

    Create a simple salad that only has a few ingredients, but enough flavor to steal the show! You can even make it ahead. It’s the perfect party food.

    Have you ever needed something you can serve at a party that didn’t take you all day to make? My corn, tomato and avocado salad is exactly that! It’s perfect for dipping or even eating it alone.

    You can make it ahead of time. Chop up...

  • Ultimate Garden Salad Recipe

    1 week ago

    This Garden Salad will make your tastebuds dance. It comes perfectly together, adding a rich array of flavor to each bite.

    You will love adding this salad to your daily diet. It helps you catch up on all the veggies your body needs, while reenergizing you with a fresh from the garden taste.

    This salad is easy to make. These veggies are available in stores year...

  • Fruit Piroshki Recipe

    1 week ago

    Looking for a fruit piroshki recipe? Not only are these the best-tasting fruit piroshki I have ever made, but they are also perfect for any occasion. Make them for a snack, pot luck or just for a tasty treat.

    For this recipe you will need to head over to my all time favorite, Perfect...

  • Homemade Kompot Drink

    1 week ago

    Kompot Drink is a popular Russian and Ukrainian drink. This is the one ultimate beverage that every Slavic kid tried, growing up.

    My favorite part, when preparing the Kompot, is the light aroma that fills the room. The boiling fruit create a soothing smell, similar to that of the essential oils, making the house feel pleasurable and slowly inviting that delicious appetite.


  • Old Fashioned Oatmeal Pudding

    2 weeks ago

    This post has been sponsored by Darigold. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

    The Old Fashioned Oatmeal Pudding is an amazing, healthy breakfast. It's prepared with Darigold FIT milk and delicious vibrant toppings. This recipe will keep you full and energized for hours.

    Oatmeal pudding makes breakfast a breeze. You may want to double the recipe and keep it refrigerated for up...

  • Black Bean and Corn Salsa

    3 weeks ago

    This Black Bean and Corn Salsa is full of vibrant colors. It goes great for any summer party, an event that you may be hosting, or at your next taco night!

    Black Bean and Corn Salsa is one of my favorite dips. We love serving it in the summertime when corn is at its freshness.

    If you love having a taco night, serve the black bean and corn salsa with our...

  • Costco Chicken Bake

    3 weeks ago

    Have you tried the Costco Chicken Bake? If you love this tasty dish, but want to make it home you need to try this Chicken Bake, inspired by Costco.

    With this Costco Chicken Bake, you can change it to fit your tastes. You can use fresh ingredients or organic ingredients. You can make a much large batch, freeze it and have it whenever...

  • Baked Chicken Legs

    3 weeks ago

    Baked Chicken Legs will take only 10 minutes of prep time. They're kid-friendly; in fact, my kids LOVE them, and I am sure yours will love them too.

    Everyone needs their go-to Baked Chicken Legs recipe, and this has been our family recipe for many years. I started making chicken this way right after we got married, and my husband Tim couldn't rave enough about this chicken.