• 10-Piece Duralex Lys Stackable Clear Bowl Set Review/Giveaway

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    Now that the holidays are less than 60 days away, I plan on doing giveaways for some of my favorite kitchen tools. This one is definitely one of my favorites, I use them daily. I've had an old set of stackable bowls from a few years ago, which I've been using around the kitchen on a daily basis. Just recently, I've received this new 10-piece set and have cleared out my kitchen of all old,...
    • One Pot Beef & Broccoli Recipe

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      One pot meals have been the thing in our house lately. Not only the fact that I like quick meals and not that I am getting lazy with washing dishes. It turned out perfect in one pot. All of those flavors form the meat, went into broccoli and the sauce, yummeee... one pot idea is Genius! I have a gut feeling that all of you would love this recipe, just as much as Beef Lo Mein....
    • Quick Apple Pies

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      A friend of mine shared this recipe with me, saying said that her family really loves it. I knew that my husband would like them also. When we go out traveling, he often stops by McDonald's just to pick up on a few pies. It's makes it all the better, knowing that you can control your own ingredients, starting from puff pastry dough, to choosing a filling. If you don't feel...
    • Turkey Necks Recipe

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      Some of you may be thinking that I am out of my mind to cook turkey necks. But the neck meat is a delicious part of the turkey. As a child, chicken neck was my favorite, although there was hardly any meat. Turkey necks have a decent amount of meat and they are similar in flavor to the chicken. Now, I prepare this dish very often for the family, everyone loves it and treats it as delicacy. Note:...
    • Banana Almond Whoopie Pies

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      Whoopie pies are like eating a cake in a form of a cookie, it's delicious. What I love about this recipe, is that the cookie is loaded with healthy ingredients. You would hardly feel guilty eating it. This recipe will stick around with us. The days our bananas turn brown, we usually make Banana Bread, but now we will have more options.
    • One-Pan Roasted Chicken & Potatoes

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      One-pan dishes are convenient in a sense of not having to wash a ton of dishes and preserving all the flavors all in one pan. While chicken is roasting, it produces a lot of juices, which will feed the vegetables with chicken infused flavors. While preparing this dish is very easy, it does turn out like a dish for a feast. It reminded me of the Holidays and family dinners.