Chicken Kotleti Recipe

Chicken Kotleti are similar to chicken nuggets. They are perfect for snacking or when served with pasta, mashed potatoes or an addition of protein to any salad. Kids love them as...

Naan Bread

Recently, when we visited the San Francisco, we got a chance to try Indian food for the first time. We came across naan...

Uzbek Plov

Palov to Uzbek is like pasta to Italians. Palov is Uzbekistan's main coarse, mainly served to large gatherings of guests, such as a wedding. Uzbeki people have been considered to...

  • Ready in 1 hr 20 min

    Mushroom Cookies Recipe

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    Mushroom cookies, filled with dulce de leche cream, are one of the Slavic classic cookie recipes. As far as I could remember, these cookies have always been around. Over the years, people became creative by adding roasted nuts into the filling, dipping tops into the chocolate or dipping stems into chocolate and poppy seeds. For now, I am sharing the easiest way of creating these, but please do...
  • Mighty Leaf Tea Giveaway & Other Sweepstakes

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    If you've tried Mighty Leaf Tea, you probably won't need words to know the beauty of it. It tastes fresh, flavorful and very natural. Mighty Leaf demonstrates that not all teas are made the same. I first discovered the tea on my cruise trip to Alaska, where it kept me warm the entire way. The moment I got home, I updated all teas. Mighty Leaf is hosting...
    • Ready in 20 min

      Broccoli Crab Salad Recipe

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      This salad is balanced with a great variety of flavors. The creamy dressing is delicious, with a small hint of garlic and lemon. Feel free to substitute mayonnaise with Greek yogurt. You can prepare this salad ahead of time, by dicing up broccoli and cauliflower. Crab can be diced also, but keep it in a separate dish, until you are ready to serve the salad.
    • Ready in 1 hr

      Dumpling Casserole Recipe

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      This recipe has been emailed to me from one of the readers. She's mentioned that it has been their family's hit recipe and I think I know why. Pelmeni (a.k.a. Dumplings) on their own are pretty bomb, but to let it swim in delicious, creamy sauce, triples the bombness. If don't have Pelmeni on-hand, you can use large pasta shells, just fill them with some...
    • Ready in 1 hr 30 min

      European Easter Bread Recipe

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      Easter Breads are a huge part of Easter in most parts of Europe, probably just as important as the Easter Bunny in US. People bake loads of bread and share them among each other. This recipe is a European variant of our favorite Easter Bread recipe. The bread itself is as soft as cotton candy and when it bakes, the whole house feel like a bakery, for a moment. When I baked...
    • Ready in 40 min

      Dulce De Leche Macarons Recipe

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      Macarons can be challenging to make, but are so delicious when they exit the stove. I've shared hundreds of Dulce De Leche Macarons with friends and there have been quite a number of requests for this recipe. People love the caramel flavor it achieves with dulce de leche cream. If you are looking for an easy way to prepare dulce de leche, feel free to hop on to...