Pickled Cabbage Salad Recipe

Back in Ukraine pickled cabbage was one of the most important foods. It was cheap, tasted good with potatoes and mom made all kinds of soups with it.
I love this cabbage salad because it has nice flavor from bell peppers. I buy it in Russian store all the time. This year I wanted to can my own salad. Not only this salad is very cheap to make at home, you also know all ingredients that go in it. Also one of my sisters Tanyas recipes.
Note: This recipe makes about five of 1 quart jars

Serving size:
2 hr 15 min
45 min
Ready in
1 days


Combine together cabbage, carrots and bell pepper. In a pot mix together water, oil, salt and sugar.
Add cabbage mixture to the pot. There may not be enough liquid to cover all cabbage at the beginning but after about 30 minutes cabbage will shrink.
Cook all ingredients until liquid will start simmering. Remove from heat and add vinegar.
Keep cabbage under press, I used smaller lid. Every few 1-2 hour, lift up the press and stir ingredients. Repeat for 24 hours, no need to wake up at night…lol
To sterilize jars, preheat oven to 215F. Wash jars and lids, place them in oven for about 15 minutes or until completely dry.
On the bottom of each jar drop few peppers and bay leafs. With help of canning funnel place cabbage in jars, cover to the top with liquid. Close all lids really tight and put all jars upside down for few hours. Store in cool place.
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