Beef Lo Mein Recipe Recipe

A huge thank you to all of you, for sending me your recipe ideas. This dish was inspired by several recipes, which I've received. One great thing about this, is that you can control your ingredients, and the dish itself is quite simple.

Now, the taste is absolutely, ridiculously the "bomb". Hubby and I went for refills several times in a row and took care of it in a matter of hours. And no, this is not typical, we don't eat this much :)

We are totally having this for the Big Game this Sunday. It reheats well, so it'll be perfect!

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Serving size:
20 min
30 min
Ready in
1 hr


Cook spaghetti per box instructions. Into cooked spaghetti add sesame oil and stir to combine.
Into hot, boiled water add Better Than Bullion and brown sugar; stir to dissolve. Into the mixture, add soy sauce and set aside.
Using a hot skillet, brown both sides of the beef. Let beef cool and slice it into two inch pieces.
Add sliced beef into the same skillet, fry until completely cooked. Into the cooked beef, add sauce mixture, cook all together for about a minute, set aside.
Dice carrots, broccoli and onion into two inch pieces.
Using the skillet, where you've cooked beef, sautee onions until golden brown. Remove from the heat.
In a separate oiled skillet, sautee carrots until softened, add broccoli and cook for about three minutes. Press garlic into the same mixture and remove form the heat.
In a large dish, combine spaghetti, vegetables and beef, together. Toss to combine, serve hot.

Note: I used regular spaghetti and they worked well in this recipe, but Lo Mein is typically prepared with Chinese egg noodles.

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