Jello Fruit Cake Dessert  Recipe

My sister is the mastermind behind this amazing, healthier version of dessert. For almost a year she has been making this for every family gathering and guess what, it goes before any other cake or dessert. I didn't give in for the trick at first, it's just jello and fruits. But oh my, when I tried, it I was all IN.

First of all, it is just WOW beautiful, this is usually what you would hear from a crowd when you serve it. Second, it really is a great combination of flavors. All that fruit, covered by jello, works really great.

The jello I am using in this recipe, is the one from Hispanic section of stores, most grocery stores would have it. It works really good for this recipe, I haven't tried using the regular jello brand.

Depending on the size of the tray you're using, you may need less or more of the fruits and jello. If you have leftovers, you can always pour them into the plate.

Serving size:
30 min
Ready in
50 min


Prepare fruits for the cake. Clean and cut them into equal pieces. I wouldn't recommend cutting raspberries. Note: Jello is best in mango or pineapple flavor. I found that a combination of the two works amazing together.
Place raspberries, followed by strawberries. This is how the dessert will look like on the outside.
Add mango, orange (I skipped on the orange) and green grapes.
Finish off by laying out purple grapes. Dissolve jello in hot water, following instructions on the box. Let the jello mixture cool competently.
Slowly pour in the mixture over the fruits. Shake the tray a little, so it goes through all the sides. Cover the fruit competently with the jello.
Leave it refrigerated until completely set, for about 2 hours. In order to remove it from the tray, pour hot water into a large bowl, and place the dish into it. As soon as you see a little bit of melting on the sides, cover the jello with a serving plate and turn it over. If necessary, wipe off the sides around the jello.
Return to the refrigerator to keep it cold, until ready to serve. I would only remove the cake from tray a few hours before serving.
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