Vatrushka buns are a Russian/Ukrainian dessert with the filling on the outside. I’ll show you how to make these delicious treats for yourself, along with some tips and tricks I learned along the way.

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Russian & Ukrainian Vantrushka buns

What are Vatrushka Buns?

Vatrushka buns are similar to a danish. They’re made with a sweet yeast dough. The buns have a well in the middle where the filling is placed. They are usually filled with Farmer’s Cheese, or Quark. Most of them are about 5 inches from one side to the other – which is the perfect size for a comforting snack.

Are Vatrushka Buns The Same as Pirozhki?

One of the most popular Eastern European sweets are Pirozhki. And lots of people call Vatrushka buns Pirozhki. Vatrushkas are one of the many types of Pirozhkis. In fact, in different regions of Eastern Europe you’ll find all sorts of different fillings inside of them.

Vantrushka breakfast pirozhki

A lot of people in Eastern Europe have memories wrapped around a pastry like this. Sometimes it’s the smell of the dough as it bakes in the oven, or the taste of the sweet cheese as it melts in their mouths.

Bake this just one time and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll be hooked!

Vatrushka Filling Options

This Vatrushka recipe is made with farmer’s cheese, you can find the recipe for Farmer’s Cheese, here. Here are some common filling options:

  • Cream cheese with different berries
  • Cherries
  • Jam
  • Farmer’s cheese with or without raisins
Vantrushka pirozhki prepared on a bowl

Can you freeze Vatrushka?

Yes, you can freeze these buns. To freeze them, make sure they’re fully baked first. Let them cool completely. Then, wrap them individually in plastic wrap and put them in a zippered freezer bag.

They’ll stay in a freezer for up to 3 months. To thaw, just take them out and put them in the refrigerator overnight.

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