These puffy steamed Vareniki are my mom’s or maybe grandma’s recipe. To this day, each summer my mother would make these. I do remember visiting my grandma when I was little, and she would serve us the same vareniki, but they were giant. Maybe she made them that big because she had no time to make so many little ones or perhaps she liked it that way.

Steamed Blueberry Vareniki aka Pierogi on a cutting board

They are not your common recipes, because most vareniki recipes don’t have yeast, but this recipe does. I promise you, if you try this recipe, this will become your family staple. The texture of them is very fluffy and light; seriously incredible!

A lot of people are scared of yeast recipes, but this recipe is very forgiving. In fact, you will find these vareniki easier to prepare, because the dough is puffier and easier to work with.

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