Smoked Oysters with Spicy Miso Butter are the perfect finger food for a game day get-together. This approachable recipe only takes 30 minutes and is sure to “wow” your guests. 

Oysters on a salty serving plate

Oysters are a great representation of Seattle. We love our fresh seafood! The unique flavor for this recipe comes from white miso paste. This lightly sweet, fermented paste serves as the base for the delicious, buttery sauce you will drizzle over your smoked oysters. 

Ingredients for the oysters

Ingredients for Smoked Oysters

White Miso Paste

White miso paste is made from soybeans that have been fermented with a hefty amount of rice for a shorter period of time than darker miso varieties. The paste itself can range from white to light brown or beige and has a slightly sweet flavor to it. Its mild and mellow notes make it a perfect addition to dressings and light sauces. 


For this recipe, make sure you use the unsalted, room temperature butter. There is a good amount of salt in miso and sriracha, so there is no need to overdo it with salted butter. Using room temperature butter is also key because it is much easier to beat and incorporate into your sauce! 

oysters on a grill


There are a couple of things to look for when going on the hunt for fresh, live oysters. Oysters come in all shapes and sizes, but all good oysters have the same things in common. First, you will want to make sure your oysters are completely sealed and you’re not able to pry them open with your hands. This ensures that all the natural brine is sealed inside the shellfish! Never buy oysters with open shells, unless they open them right in front of you.

Second, you will want to look for oysters with flat tops and deep cups. A “deep cup” means that there is more room for meat and brine in the shell, which typically lends to a bangin’ oyster! 

Tip: Tap each oyster to check for hollowness. A hollow oyster typically means a dry oyster. It’s all about the brine! 


Sriracha has become a staple in most people’s fridges. It adds the perfect amount of sweet, garlick-y heat to tons of dishes. Customize the spice level in your miso butter by adding more (or less!) sriracha to the mix. 


Limes and scallions add a pop of freshness to this dish. The limes cut the fattiness of the butter and add some essential acid. Scattered scallions top off the dish with a mild, onion-y flavor. 

Oysters on a salty serving plate

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