How To Make a Smoked Turkey Recipe

This recipe will teach you everything you need to know about smoking a turkey. Smoking a turkey is actually a lot simpler than it may seem. Using these step by step instructions, you'll have a perfectly moist turkey, with a nice flavor of smoke your family will enjoy.

How long should you smoke a turkey?

To prepare a turkey to a perfect readiness, keep the temperature at 225F, while smoking the turkey for 30-40 minutes per pound. If your turkey is 20lb, you will need to smoke the turkey for 10 to 13 hours. Every smoker works a little different, so the best way to measure the readiness of the turkey is to check that the internal temperature of the turkey is 165F.

How to make a Smoked Turkey

  • Defrost a turkey or purchase a fresh one. If you are using a frozen turkey, it may take over 24 hours to defrost it, so plan in advance.
  • Use a smoke rub or brine, and let the turkey marinate at lease for 24 hours.
  • Place the turkey on a smoker, breast side up. Stuff it with whole onion and apples. During the smoking process, you can apply butter to the top of the turkey breast. This will add more moisture to the smoked turkey.
  • You will need to smoke the turkey at 225F for 30-40 minutes per pound.
  • The internal temperature of a fully smoked turkey should read 165F.

Serve Smoked turkey with:

Serving size:
15 min
10 hr
Ready in
10 hr 15 min


To prepare a smoked turkey, combine salt, pepper, paprika, allspice and garlic spices.
Rub turkey generously with spices. Apply spices under wings, skin and every other area you can get into.
Place the turkey in a smoker with the breast facing up. Stuff the turkey with whole onion and whole apples. This would add great flavors to the turkey.
The smoke time will depend on the size of the turkey. You should plan 30-40 minutes of smoke time per pound. Turkey is ready once the internal temperature of the meat reaches 165F.
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