Baked Steak with Vegetables is a one-pan dinner that will surely save the day. With little effort, you will have a delicious meal on the table — and quick!

Steak and veggies on a tray

Can you believe it takes under 30 minutes to get a tender and juicy steak? Grab your choice cut of steak and your favorite veggies and let’s get to making this dream a reality.

Best Steak for Baking

  • Flank: This is my number one choice. Flank steak is not only cheap, it packs a ton of beef-y flavor and bakes wonderfully.
  • Filet Mignon, Rib-Eye or Strip Steak: Feeling fancy? Any of these three cuts will work as well. Just make sure that the pieces you choose are relatively even to promote even cooking.

Veggies To Bake with Steak

  • Carrots: Big hunks of carrots bake beautifully alongside steak — they also absorb all those wonderful drippings.
  • Potatoes: Sweet potatoes or yellow yukon potatoes are my top choice. They also add that filling component that turns this one-pan dish into a hearty meal.
  • Greens: If you have a hankering for some extra veggies, feel free to add broccoli, asparagus or zucchini to the mix.
  • Mushrooms: Nothing goes with steak better than a mushroom. Use portabellas and cut them into thick strips.
  • Tomatoes: Baked cherry tomatoes are ah-mazing! They are so juicy and all the flavors just pop in your mouth.
Ingredients for steak and veggies

How Long Does it Take to Cook Steak in the Oven?

Preheat your oven to 400 ℉ and bake your steak for about 10 minutes. Then, add veggies to the beef and bake for 10 minutes or more, depending on how well you like it done.

Hot tip: Medium-rare is by far the best level of doneness for beef. It keeps the cut tender, while delivering the most flavor. If you are not a fan of any redness in your beef, know that the texture will likely be on the tougher side. See below for more instructions on measuring doneness.

Tips For Baking Steak

  • Bring to room temperature. Bring the steak to room temperature on the counter before baking it. Putting a cold steak into a hot oven can cause uneven baking.
  • When do I know it’s done? Grab a meat thermometer to remove the guesswork and cook to your preferred doneness (see internal temperatures below):
    • Rare: 120 ℉ to 125 ℉
    • Medium-rare: 130 ℉ to 135 ℉
    • Medium: 140 ℉ to 145 ℉
    • Medium-well: 150 ℉ to 155 ℉
    • Well-done: 160 ℉ (not recommended for flank steak, as it will toughen the cut significantly)
  • Give it a rest. Once you remove your steak from the oven, allow it to rest for at least five minutes before slicing it up. This will allow all the juices to soak into the steak for a more flavorful bite!
  • Go against the grain. Cut your beef with a sharp knife against the grain, or the fibrous strands that run through it. This will result in more tender pieces and a prettier presentation.
Steak and veggies on a tray

Storing Baked Steak

To properly store baked steak, simply place it in an airtight container. Leftovers should last for up to five days. Baked steak is one of my favorite meal-prepping go-tos. From steak sandwiches to a perfect protein topping on caesar salad, the possibilities are endless. Sometimes, we even pack steak strips into our sons’ lunchboxes.

More Steak Recipes

  • Flank Steak Wrap – Simple and satisfying, this wrap is a weeknight go-to for my family.
  • Air Fryer Steak – That’s right — you can even air fry steak. This recipe will have perfectly cooked beef on your table in minutes.
  • Cast Iron Skillet Steak – Gotta love a cast iron steak. They always get the crispiest edges!
  • Steak Stir Fry – This low-carb meal always hits the spot.

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