Zefir a Russian Marshmallows Recipe

If you have never tried Zefir, I would say the closest thing to it are marshmallows. This makes an amazing addition to any party. I love this recipe, using simple ingredients that I always have on hand.

Side note: This zefir may taste different than a store bough, much softer, just because they are fresh.

Serving size:
45 min
5 min
Ready in
12 hr 50 min


In a mixer beat egg whites with 1 cup sugar.
In a separate bowl, ½ cup water mix with gelatin let it sit there for few minutes until it all becomes same texture.
Other ½ cup mix in with 2 cups of sugar put it on heat. Add gelatin mixture and let it all dissolve. To the mixture add food coloring and lemon juice. The the mixture cool to a room temperature.
Pour mixture into a convenient cup so it will be convenient for you to add it to your beating egg whites. While your mixer is on, little by little mix in all of the mixture. Keep it on high speed until it will start making shapes on top.
Place mixture in plastic bag or cake decorating bag and make flowers out of it. (I used wax paper and covered my counter tops with it, that’s where I put all flowers) Leave them to dry for 8 hours.
Sprinkle them with powder sugar. Lift each with knife and stick 2 together. (If they still stick together, you can sprinkle them more)

Note: I would suggest making them late in evening; they take 8 hours to dry so it will be perfect to finish them up in the morning.

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