Creamy Herbed Potatoes Recipe

If you are not planning to grill burgers for the 4th of July, then at least consider a very good potato recipe to go with your Kebabs. We tried this potatoes at a church family day and they were amazing. When my mother supplied me with some of fresh garden potatoes, I instantly had a plan for them.

Age of the potato does have an effect on the taste. Young potatoes have a nice, fresh scent to them, are firm in texture and overall taste much more fresh. They do cook quick, so be sure not to overcook it. You can find fresh, garden potatoes at a local farmer's markets, or if you are lucky enough, your mom's or grandma's garden! :)

Serving size:
15 min
25 min
Ready in
40 min


Soak potatoes in cold water for 5 minutes, this will help scrape off the skin. Use a knife to scrape off the potato skin.
Cut potatoes into equal pieces. Place potatoes in a pan, season with salt and pour enough water just to cover them. Bring a pot with salted water, to boil. Cook until they are just done, give it a poke with a fork. Drain water and set aside.
Dice scallions and dill, press garlic and set aside.
Bring whipping cream to a boil, season with salt to taste. Pour whipping over cooked potatoes.
Stir to combine ingredients together. It's best to server right away, but if needed, they do reheat well.
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