Fish Soup aka Ukha Recipe

Fish Soup, also known as Ukha or in Russian "Уха", is a very popular soup in Russian culture. In most cases, you'll see people using fish with bones or even a fish head, I know, pretty gross. This is probably the reason why my husband seemed to dislike this soup.

Recently, we've visited one of my friends, where her husband made this salmon soup and got us hooked. I craved it all week and couldn't wait until I made it. Tim was going for seconds and our boys loved it. The best part is that there was no bones in it. This is our new staple soup - loving, loving it!!

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Serving size:
20 min
30 min
Ready in
50 min


Prepare ingredients for the soup.
Dice onion into tiny pieces, carrot into half ring and potatoes into small cubes.
Bring 5 quarts of water to a boil. Add in rice and season with salt. Add in carrots and onions. Let it all simmer until all ingredients are cooked. Add in Salmon and potatoes, let it simmer until it's fully cooked.
Add herbs to the mixture and turn off the soup.
Serve soup while it's still hot,
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