This flaxseed bread takes just 5 short minutes of prep time. Fluffy on the inside and crusty on the outside, it’s the perfect everyday bread!

Flax Wheat Bread on a table napkin

If you don’t bake your own bread, you will impress your self. It is so so simple and incredible, that you will begin making your own bread. And not only, you will also be skipping on the store-bought bread preservatives.

If you’ve noticed lately, our blog has been looking healthier, it’s because in 2015 I made a goal to work on nutrition more. Yeah, we are still sticking to it and I’m loving it.

My weakness is bread and anything similar to bread, like sweet buns etc…. As I learn more about nutrition, I’ve learned that we should eat breads, but they have to be a healthy type of bread. Whole grain breads are typically hard in texture, but this recipe makes it fluffy and wonderful. This bread is so healthy and so amazingly delicious. Our boys and my husband Tim, absolutely love it. I’ve been using this bread in Tim’s lunch boxes and also as grill cheese sandwiches for boys.

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