Olivier Potato Salad is a classic, homemade Russian potato salad recipe that is easy to prepare. Every bite is a mixture of different ingredients, all chopped into small pieces to deliver that rich outburst of flavors.

Russian Salad in a bowl, another bowl in background

What is Olivier Potato Salad (салат оливье)?

The Olivier Salad is a traditional Russian Potato Salad. It’s very common on special holidays or gatherings. If you grew up in a traditional Russian home, you probably had this salad every Christmas.

Russian Olivier Salad is made with potatoes, carrots, pickles, eggs, sweet peas, onion and Bologna or Ham. It’s seasoned with salt and pepper, while mayonnaise is used as dressing.

Tips for Making Russian Potato Salad

  • Optionally, you can replace canned peas for frozen peas and thaw them before adding to the salad.
  • Add fresh cucumber for additional crunch in the salad.
  • Cook all vegetables ahead of time to give them enough time to cool to room temperature.
  • For a quicker process, use a Vegetable Chopper. This chopper will allow for evenly sized cubes.
  • Apply mayonnaise to the salad only before serving.

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