Make this decadent Russian Napoleon cake for your next party or special event. There is luxurious dulce de leche cream in between each delicate and crispy layer.

Meringue Napoleon Cake

This cake is crispy, very sweet, filled with nuts and delicious dulce de leche cream, mmmm. Aren’t duce de leche creams also your all-time favorite? It just hits the right taste buds.

There are three incredible parts to this cake: the crispy layers, the meringue, and the dulce de leche cream filling.

How to Make Meringue for Napoleon Cake:

The secret to an excellent meringue is whipping it long enough for the stiff peaks to form.

To make the meringue, just whip the egg whites with the sugar. It only has those two ingredients, it is so simple. As soon as the stiff peaks form when you lift the mixer, you are ready to add it to the crust.

Form the Napoleon Cake

The last step is to take all these parts and put them together. I always put some buttercream on the plate so the layers don’t move around as I am putting them together.

Always put the layers meringue-side down. In between each layer, use a spatula to spread some of the buttercream.

When all the layers are together, put the rest of the buttercream on the outside and top of the cake. Finish it off with some nuts sprinkled around the top and edges.

Meringue Napoleon Cake

Let Napoleon Rest Overnight

This is the most important part. After you have the cake all assembled, put it back in the refrigerator and let it rest overnight.

Russian Napoleon has soft layers, this is why you need to allow it to rest overnight to let the cream absorb. You will notice a big difference if you let it rest instead of eating it immediately after putting it together.

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