This Purple Cabbage Salad is truly amazing. Bright flavors, vibrant colors and so filling. It’ll be a hit at your next event.

Purple cabbage salad in a bowl

The Purple Cabbage Salad is so unique in flavors. Typically, I don’t like olives, but they work so well with this salad. They add that extra zest to the flavors, making your tastebuds dance.

The first time I’ve tried this Purple Cabbage Salad is on the New Years Eve. My friend made it that night and I just loved it. It’s not typical for salads to go first at a dinner table, but this was the case.

Typically I like to serve this salad withLamb Shoulder Chop RecipeandMashed Potatoes. The perfect balance of all dishes pair well for the dinner.

Ingredients for purple cabbage salad in a bowl and dressing in another bowl

Tips for Purple Cabbage Salad

  • For cabbage use Mandoline slicer to get perfectly even pieces
  • Prepare all vegetables ahead of time, keep them sealed and refrigerated until ready to serve
  • The dressing can be prepared ahead of time, but only add dressing to the salad right before serving

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