Tostada Salad Recipe

This salad is just a simple idea of combining some of your favorite veggies into a beautiful salad bowl. The salad bowls you can make on your own and just have them sitting until you are ready to assemble the salad.

Tostada Salad was inspired by my first job at Taco Time. We served a very similar salad, so I am sharing some inner secrets with you all.

Serving size:
35 min
15 min
Ready in
50 min


Preheat oven to 350F. Warm up tortillas for 8 seconds so it’s soft enough to fall over a jar. You can fold sides of the tortillas to form shape of a bowl. Bake them until hard and golden brown.
On stove top, preheat olive oil in skillet. Place ground chicken and season with salt and pepper, continue mixing as its cooking so it wouldn't stick together. Cook until golden brown.
Dice avocado, onion and tomato, set them aside.
Fill up bowls with meat, cheese, lettuce and top it off with tomatoes and avocado.
Serve salad with sour cream as a dressing.
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