This 15-Minute Canned Salmon Dip is creamy and flavorful. We make it using cream cheese and a few other ingredients that you probably have on hand already.

Canned Salmon Dip in a bowl with crackers and veggies

Canned Salmon dip is a great snack for a movie night in or when you’re hosting large crowds. You can serve it on cheese boards or veggie platters. It pairs well with crackers, chips or your favorite veggies. We like to add it to a cheese board when hosting large events.

This salmon dip calls for canned salmon, but you can always use the leftover salmon. When I usually make the Baked Salmon, I intentionally make extra to leave the leftovers for the salmon dip.

How to Make a Salmon Dip

Making a Smoked Salmon Dip

To make the Smoked Salmon dip, add a few drops of liquid smoke to the plain canned salmon, or you can purchase the smoked salmon at your local grocery store.

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