I am not a big fan of cupcakes because in most cases they are dry and with just a dollop of cream on the top. My son had requested cupcakes on his birthday, for his school. In most cases I see kids eat up the cream and leave the rest to waste and I totally get it, who would want to eat the dry cake.

So facing some of those challenges in mind, I hunted for a good recipe. I was really pleased with the discovery, the cupcakes turned out moist and creamy. The compliments were endless, when I picked my son up from school and at his birthday party at home.

Here is a little tip:
Last year for his birthday he brought Cake Pops to school, and the teacher was telling how great it was that all her 4 year olds didn’t get messy. I had to live up to those expectations, so decided to place cupcakes in a plastic cups and tie a spoon to each cup. 

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