So, how about something cool and interesting as a weekend breakfast?! Even though my husband and I both work from home, we hardly get to eat breakfast at the table. Our weekday breakfast consist of leftovers, latte or what ever we can find around the house. This is why weekends have to have something a bit “special” for breakfast.

Omelette Roll

This recipe has been given to me by a friend of mine Yana. Over the years I’ve prepared it to our guest to impress them with this beautiful roll. In concept, this recipe is very simple, it’s just an omelette, but the way it’s rolled, makes it taste quite differently.

You can add absolutely anything that you wish to this omelette, such as various types of vegetables, sausages and cheese.

Depending on a cheese and ham you will use you may want to season the omelette with some salt. I usually didn’t add any salt to my omelettes.

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