The name, Mocha Cookies, pretty much explains it, but let me tell you a bit about the taste. They taste almost like brownies, with crust all around and a tiny flavor of the coffee.

Chocolate Mocha Cookies on the table with coffee bean spread around the cookies and cookies in a jar

Last weekend, we took a trip with friends for a few nights at a cabin. Not only did we stay up and have a blast, but we had a good excuse to pig out late in the evening, eating these cookies and burgers at 10PM.

Next time I will bring along a camera and share pictures with you here, but for now, you can see the beautiful cabin we stayed in on Instagram. And, if you feel like stalking me, I’m pretty much always on Instagram… maybe sometimes too many posts, but still holding back, lol:)

P.S. This recipe makes 80 cookies. If you don’t plan on sharing, you might want to cut the recipe in half. Just don’t hold me responsible for your consequences 😉

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