These DIY healthy popsicles are a game-changer and so kid-friendly. They’re tangy, sweet, and free from the preservatives of boxed varieties!

Healthy Popsicles with fresh fruits al around the popsicles

Ever since the last summer, I’ve been noticing all sorts of recipes for popsicles, but couldn’t make of a reason to why I should make them at home. The other day while shopping with my boys, they’ve requested the popsicle molds and I bought them. Thinking that since boys want to make some at home, we can. Ever did I think that I can hide some of the healthiest ingredients in their popsicles and they would still love them.

We’ve been making all sort of smoothies, pouring them into popsicle molds and letting boys enjoy them on those hot, sunny days.

I wasn’t going to share this recipe because it’s too simple. But then I did want to inspire you to create good healthy popsicles for your kids. Don’t let them eat the ones with a ton of sugar and food coloring, it will pay off in the long run.

A boy eating a popsicle

Here’s my four year old son, as proof that kids actually do enjoy them popsicles with spinach and carrot juice.

A boy eating a popsicle

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