This recipe for alfredo pasta will be on repeat in your home soon enough. Simple and satisfying, it’s 100% kid-friendly and loved by adults just the same!

For best results, use our Amazing Homemade Alfredo sauce, which takes only 5 minutes to make!

Alfredo Pasta in a bowl with pasta ingredients around

Despite having a complex flavor, this creamy alfredo pasta recipe only requires a few ingredients, most of which you probably already have on hand. What I love about alfredo pasta, is that it’s a satisfying vegetarian-style dish, while also delicious, bulked up with your favorite protein.

My kids absolutely love alfredo pasta. As a busy mom, I often get tempted to fall into the trap of making boxed macaroni and cheese. My alfredo pasta recipe is a mature enough dish for my husband and I to enjoy, while also being a simple go-to that my boys LOVE.

How to Make Alfredo Pasta

Like most pasta dishes, you will only need a pot and a pan to prepare my alfredo pasta. Pick your favorite noodle and get it boiling while you prepare your sauce. Since you will need to make sure that the milk and cheese does not burn or curdle, I suggest that you pre-measure your ingredients prior to cooking. Trust me, this will make your life much easier!

What is Alfredo Sauce?

If you have never had Alfredo Sauce before, it is a rich, white cheese sauce that pairs best with chicken, shrimp or sauteed veggies (mushrooms and broccoli are my top picks). Here is my recipe for an Easy Alfredo Sauce that your can make in only five minutes!

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Proteins to add to Alfredo Pasta

You can get creative here, but the following are my personal favorites to add into alfredo pasta.

Shrimp Alfredo

Go to the fish market and grab the biggest, plumpest shrimps you can. Tip: Be careful not to overcook your shrimp before adding it to the pasta. As soon as the shrimp turns from a grayish color to translucent pink, they are done! Also, be sure to add whatever juices that seep out of the shrimp into your alfredo pasta. This will add a ton of yummy, seafood flavor!

Chicken Alfredo

Boneless, skinless chicken is cheap and also the best type of chicken to add to the alfredo pasta. Season it with salt, pepper and olive oil and bake it in the oven while you are preparing your noodles and sauce.

Reheating Alfredo Pasta

Reheat your alfredo pasta on the stovetop at a low-heat with a few spoonfuls of water. Because your sauce will thicken as it cools in the refrigerator, you will need to add some moisture to return the sauce to a creamy texture.

Alfredo Pasta in a pot with pasta ingredients around

Tips for the Best Alfredo Pasta

  • Want an extra challenge? Try making your own pasta from scratch! Here is my recipe for Easy Homemade Pasta. If you’re using the boxed stuff, be sure not to overcook it.
  • Alfredo sauce does reheat well and can be frozen for later use, but if you are really trying to “wow” you dinner guests, serve the pasta immediately after cooking it. Nothing beats the fresh pasta!
  • Make homemade sauce and skip the canned or jarred stuff. It makes a huge difference!
  • I know the cheese aisle can be intimidating, but choosing a high-quality parmesan cheese will make your pasta a knock-out dish. Skip the shredded, bagged parmesan and go for an aged parmesan that you will grate fresh. Grating the parmesan unlocks oils and flavors that are often lost in pre-shredded bagged cheese.

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