Make tonight a burger dinner night with these bacon, queso, and avocado burgers. Better than any fast food restaurant by far and crazy easy to put together!

This summer has been extremely busy for us and most days I was in a hurry to make dinner before we head out for another activity. The grill has been our best friend during the summer and mainly because we ate so much burgers at home.

Burger on a cutting board

I always have frozen burgers on hand, because it’s convenient to make a quick dinner with them. First time I heard about BUBBA Burger products, was from my sister a few year back and since, we have been hooked on them. I love the quality of meat and how juicy they come out each time.

I am sharing a few basic things that we always have on hand for burgers. Also sharing a few different ways we make burgers at home.

Summer Salads to Serve with Burger

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