This light ranch dressing is just as decadent as regular ranch dressing. It’s creamy, packed with fresh herbs, and perfect for salads or dipping!

Light Ranch Dressing in a jar on a cutting board with herbs and lime slices behind the jar and a spoon in front of the jar

We’ve adapted to making our own dressing at home. Once you try the fresh dressing, it’s hard not to notice the dull, preserved taste you get from the store bought. It’s also exciting to skip out on the manufacturer’s ingredients that you’ve never heard of. Here’s our new recipe, a light ranch dressing.

This dressing tastes fresh, with a flavor of several herbs; it’s light, but creamy at the same time. It reminds me of our Caribbean cruise, light, refreshing and relaxing… weird, not sure how salad dressing can be relaxing.

BTW, keep an eye out for a salad recipe that’s coming right after this. You are in for a delicious, glorious goodness.

Update: Here’s a link to that Shrimp Lettuce Salad Recipe to use with this dressing.

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