This is a delicious almond cake, infused with orange flavors and a kick of fresh pomegranate. This scrumptious combo is a must try if you are an orange lover.

Orange Almond Cake on a serving tray with a slice being pulled out

This is a modern version of a classic Romanian almond cake. Romania is known for their massive almond crops, that is why many of their dessert recipes include almonds. Almonds and pomegranate juice makes this orange cake incredibly unique and delicious. If you love the orange flavor, then you will fall in love with this orange infused almond cake.

How To Make An Almond Cake?

  • To make baking easier, prepare all ingredients ahead of time.
  • Always read the whole entire recipe instructions before starting to make the almond cake form scratch.
  • Be sure to measure dry ingredients correctly.

The following recipe has been contributed by Love from Munchkin Time.

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