​​This Raffaello cake roll is made with moist sponge cake that is bursting at the seams with almond-flavored coconut cream. A Ferrero Raffaello fanatic’s dream!

I love getting comments from all of you. I not only connect but personally get to know the readers. In this case, a reader gave me an idea of this cake recipe. She suggested that I share a Raffaello cake roll recipe on the blog. After some idea and testing, this is the ending result.

Raffaello Cake Roll slice on a plate

As you can tell from the blog, I haven’t been baking much lately. I just don’t like spending my day in a hot kitchen or find any time for it. This is why I loved this recipe, it was all completed from start to finish within a few hours.

The flavors are right on, it reminds me of the candy in so many ways.

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