• Quick Pickled Cucumbers

    5 years ago

    Every year when cucumbers are in season we prepare quick pickled cucumbers. They are a bit different from canned pickles. The flavor of pickling is somewhere in between fresh and the pickled, but still slightly different.

    If you are afraid of canning, this is an easy way to make a step towards it. Making your own homemade quick pickled cucumbers can not be any easier.

  • Pickled Cabbage and Beets

    5 years ago

    This recipe comes from a friend of mine that I met through blogging, she also has Slavic background and now lives in Seattle. She also blogs recipes at Snacking in the Kitchen

    This recipe has grabbed my attention due to the fact that pickled cabbage was a huge part of my childhood. My parents had a ton of picked...

  • Marinated Beet Salad

    6 years ago

    My husband’s aunt is such an inspiration. When we just got married I had no clue how to cook and she would always treat us to this yummy dishes. I would always think to myself, I wish I can cook like her. Last week we got to spend some times with her family and she made huge feast of food, all kinds of salads and many fish dishes. I got few recipes from her, this is one of them.


  • Marinated Red Bell Peppers

    6 years ago

    Updated August 15, 2013

    This recipe has been the family staple for many years. We marinate them year around. They make a delicious combination with dishes such as Uzbek Palov and Potato Casserole Twist.

    It's great to do can bell peppers while they're still in season. They can be kept in storage, until hosting dinners at home,...

  • Adjika

    6 years ago

    Adjika is a dish that has been around in for many years in Slavic community. It is spicy sauce that is added to meals for little spicy flavoring. I like to eat Adjika with meat or just with piece of bread. I was afraid to mess with spicy peppers because we rarely eat spicy foods at home. I took a risk by buying tiny cayenne peppers, they are so powerful… Tiny 5 peppers, I couldn’t believe it....

  • Sweet Spicy Pickles

    6 years ago

    I adopted this recipe from my sister. She graduated from school with straight A’s and wanted to get into nursing program in Ukraine, but there was no chance because she was Christian. So as back up career she went to college to be a chef. I am glad things turned out for her that way, she didn’t like nursing anyway. Now I can go to her for cooking tips.
    If you told me few years ago that I...

  • Pickled Cabbage Salad

    6 years ago

    Back in Ukraine pickled cabbage was one of the most important foods. It was cheap, tasted good with potatoes and mom made all kinds of soups with it.
    I love this cabbage salad because it has nice flavor from bell peppers. I buy it in Russian store all the time. This year I wanted to can my own salad. Not only this salad is very cheap to make at home, you also know all ingredients that go...

  • Marinated Mini Bell Peppers

    6 years ago

    When I come over for some party or dinner to my friend’s house I know to expect huge feast. She reminds of my family, where for the lamest reason we would be making 20 different types of meals, comes with roots of western part of Ukraine. My hubby is from Siberia and they are not as insane as we are with food, so I learned to tone it down a bit. When we came for a get together the first time...

  • Marinated Cucumbers

    6 years ago

    Marinated cucumbers are common in Russian/ Ukrainian food. They are great with potatoes or with a sandwich. During the summer when cucumbers are cheap at farmers markets we have those marinated cucumbers in the fridge all the time. It is very simple to make and they marinate fairly quick.

  • Canned Cherries

    6 years ago

    This is one of my first adventures into the canning world. I like when things are simple, and canning did not appear to be that easy. I was wrong on this one; this recipe is actually as easy as it gets.

    I've had time to test these already and must say - they've turned out wonderful. The next step, is to use them for baking pastries.