Marinated Mini Bell Peppers Recipe

When I come over for some party or dinner to my friend’s house I know to expect huge feast. She reminds of my family, where for the lamest reason we would be making 20 different types of meals, comes with roots of western part of Ukraine. My hubby is from Siberia and they are not as insane as we are with food, so I learned to tone it down a bit. When we came for a get together the first time to her house it took me back home… I learned few recipes from her and they are some of my favorites. Luda thanks for sharing!

Serving size:
40 min
10 min
Ready in
12 hr 50 min


Rise pepper and dry with paper towel. On hot skillet, fry peppers in oil, until sides are golden. Drain oil and let peppers cool.
Mix in water, vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt. Place half of herbs (parsley and dill) on bottom of dish, followed by peppers and cover with the rest of the herbs.
Marinate 12 hours.

Note: They can be stored for a while in fridge. I moved them to glass can so I close them very tight. When I have guest come over I have marinated peppers all ready to be served.

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