Lazy Cabbage Rolls Recipe

Our whole family loves Cabbage Rolls, but due to the busy life schedules, I don't get to prepare them that often. I've tried to form a lazy cabbage rolls recipe in my early years of cooking, but it didn't come close to our expectations. This time, however, it was a different story.

This recipe is a replica of the original taste, but takes so much less time to prepare. I love the fact that our boys devoured them with no problem, especially Ethan, who is four years old, asked for a refill. Every time our boys approve of a dish, it means that it's a huge success, especially if the dish has a ton of veggies.

Serving size:
25 min
35 min
Ready in
1 hr


Dice onions and saute them on a preheated skillet, with some olive oil. Grate carrots and add them to sauteed onions. Saute vegetables until they are softened.
Bring two cups of water, with one table spoon of Better Than Bouillon, to a boil. Place rice into the water, turn heat to low and let the rice cook until it's almost cooked through. Rice will cook through, later, while baking.
Stir in rice and vegetables together. Add ground meat into the rice mixture. Stir to combine well together.
Form a patty, the size of your palm and fry it on a preheated skillet, until both sides are golden brown. You can continue with the next steps or freeze the meat patties in a ziplock back for future use.
Dice onion and cabbage into small pieces. Cut tomatoes into one inch cubes.
On a preheated skillet with oil, sautee onion until softened. Add tomatoes into the cooking onions and cook on a low heat until it turns into sauce.
Into to the sauteed vegetables, add cabbage and cook for about 5 minutes. Mix in sour cream and season with salt. Set the sauce aside.
Place prepared patties on the bottom of a baking dish and cover them with a vegetable sour cream sauce.
Bake it at 400F, for about 35 minutes. Serve them with cooking sauce and a dollop of sour cream, while they are still warm.
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