Bolognese is a rich and flavorful pasta dish that’s made with a signature ground meat sauce. The kicker? It’s quick and easy-to-make and the leftovers reheat incredibly.

Beef Bolognese with noodles

Pasta bolognese is the definition of comfort food. The first time my family tried it at a local Italian restaurant we love, we just knew we had to recreate it.

Pasta bolognese is awesome because you can make a huge batch of the sauce, eat some fresh and freeze a portion for later. Once you’re ready to chow down, all you have to do is boil some pasta (and grate some fresh parmesan cheese if you’re anything like us!).

For a perfectly well-rounded meal, pair your bolognese with a caesar salad or garden salad. It also wouldn’t hurt to have Foccacia Bread to soak up that leftover meat sauce with. Just sayin’…

What is Bolognese?

Pasta bolognese is a signature Italian dish made with a sauce of ground beef, carrots, onions, celery, garlic and tomato sauce. Traditionally, the sauce is slow-cooked with a ton of red wine, but since we are using jarred sauce, we will skip the wine and get dinner on the table that much faster.

Hot tip: Not a fan of ground beef? I’ll be honest — the beef makes this dish what it is. However, if you can’t have it, feel free to substitute ground chicken or turkey.

Ingredients for Beef Bolognese

How to Make Bolognese Sauce?

In just five easy steps, you will have homemade bolognese on the table. What’s not to love?

  1. In a deep skillet, cook your ground beef, making sure to break it apart as it browns.
  2. Add carrots, onions and celery to the skillet and cook until softened.
  3. Add marinara, pressed garlic and season it with salt and pepper. Allow the sauce to simmer for 15 minutes on medium-low heat.
  4. Add in parmesan cheese and remove from the heat.
  5. Serve with your favorite pasta! Make sure to cook it al dente for the best bite.

Best Pasta to Serve with Bolognese

Fettuccine or angel hair pasta work the best for bolognese. Try to find an Italian brand at the grocery store — they always taste better! If you are feeling especially ambitious, try your hand at making your own homemade pasta. For this recipe, you don’t need any special equipment! Just some basic ingredients from your pantry and a sharp knife to cut your noodles.

Beef Bolognese with noodles

How do you Thicken Bolognese Sauce?

If you want your sauce to thicken, simply simmer it on low-heat for an additional 30 minutes or so. This is the natural way to do the trick. The other way to thicken your sauce is to add a bit of cornstarch — 1 to two tablespoons will do the trick.

Storing Bolognese Sauce

Bolognese is great for meal-prepping. Here’s how to store it:

  • Refrigerating: Keep bolognese in an airtight container in the refrigerator. It will keep for up to five days. Use it for more pasta or slather it on a buttery brioche bun for an Italian-style Sloppy Joe.
  • Freezing: In a plastic container (I like to avoid freezing glass), store your bolognese in the freezer for up to three months. Trust me, you’re going to love having bolognese sauce on hand. It’s saved me on many hectic weeknights!
Beef Bolognese

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