The Zebra Cake has a very exotic look to it and often has people wondering what made the zebra stripes on the inside. The texture of the cake is very moist and has a nice balance of chocolate and white cream flavors. If you follow all of the instruction steps, the cake will turn out perfect and the process simple.

Zebra Cake

This Zebra Cake makes a great addition to a kid’s birthday, especially if you’re are doing an animal theme party. Kids would be amazed to find such a surprise inside the cake.

How to make the zebra cake stripes

Pour the cake batter into the baking dish at two-spoon increments, while switching out between the two colors. Two spoons of vanilla cake batter, two spoons of chocolate cake batter, two spoons of vanilla cake batter again, etc… Repeat the process, until you run out of batter. This will create a beautiful Zebra Cake.

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