Apricot farmers cheesecake is a wonderful Polish-style dessert. If you like American-style cheesecakes, you must try this cake!

For this recipe, you will need to make homemade farmers cheese. Similar to cottage cheese, farmer cheese is full of moisture and perfect for baking.

Apricot Farmer Cheese Cake slice on a plate with a spoon next to it

Apricot farmers cheesecake is not overly sweet, especially if you use fresh apricots. If you have an insane sweet tooth, double the sugar for both the filling and the crust. Go ahead, no one is judging here…

Farmers Cheesecake

Farmers cheesecake, or “sernik” in Polish, is a very popular dish in Eastern Europe. It’s a simple and cheap dessert, lauded for its pure flavors and mild sweetness.

Typically eaten around Easter and Christmas, this cake is perfect all-year-around. Swap in your favorite fruit or add a drizzle of chocolate.

What is Farmers Cheese?

Farmers cheese is an unaged, fresh cheese made with just three simple ingredients — whole milk, vinegar and lemon juice. This mild white cheese is crumbly and perfect for baking both sweet and savory treats.

Farmers Cheese in a bowl with spoon

Fruits For Farmers Cheesecake

Any fresh or canned fruit pairs wonderfully with the creamy texture of this cake. Here are a couple great options:

  • Plums – Prune plums are the best option. They are about half the size of traditional plum and have an egg shape. When baked, they turn into a wonderful jam-like consistency.
  • Peaches – Yellow peaches — canned or fresh — work lovely. Keep in mind canned varieties will be much sweeter due to the syrup they are preserved in.
  • Cherries – Use tart pitted cherries and make sure they are fresh.
  • Berries – Blackberries, raspberries and blueberries are our favorites. Not only do they taste delicious in this cake, they add a beautiful stripe of color to the cake.

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