15-Minute Avocado Hummus Recipe

15-Minute Avocado Hummus is a perfect and easy avocado recipe. For those of your that love avocado, this will be on repeat at your house!

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15-Minute Avocado Hummus has a nice balance of flavors: citrus, spice and avocado. But, if you want to avoid the spice factor, skip on red pepper flakes and jalapeños altogether.

To preserve avocado color, leave avocado pit inside the mixture. This will prevent it from browning. Also using citrus in avocado spreads helps preserve the color for a longer time.

How to Ripen Avocados

The quickest way to ripen avocados is to place them in a paper bag with apples, but once avocados are softened, you should refrigerate them. Another way to ripen them is to just keep avocados at room temperature. This process takes a little longer but  works just as great.

Avocado Hummus in a bowl

Does Avocado Have Protein?

Avocados typically have about 2 grams of protein. This is a very important fact to our family because my husband is a gym junky, so everything we eat must have protein.. Lol!

Other Easy Avocado Recipes to Try

Serving size:
    • 3
    • medium Avocados
    • 15 ounces
    • canned chickpeas; drained and rinsed
    • 1
    • jalapeno
    • 2
    • Garlic Cloves
    • 1
    • Lime; for the juice
    • Parsley; optional
    • Salt; to taste
    • Red Pepper Flakes; to taste
15 min
Ready in
15 min


Prepare all ingredients for the avocado hummus.
In a food processor blend together avocado, chickpeas, herbs, garlic, oil, lime juice and jalapeno pepper. Optionally add red pepper flakes.
Once the ingredients are blended together, season to taste with salt.
Keep avocado hummus sealed in a refrigerator until ready to serve.
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