Homemade vanilla ice cream is packed into crisp cones in this plombir recipe. Creamy, smooth, and nostalgic, this is a treat beloved by all generations.

Plombir Ice Cream next to each other.

Growing up in Ukraine, plombir was a childhood luxury. I remember going to farmers markets in the early ’90s and rushing straight to the plombir stand. We ate more ice cream than candy as children!

When we took our boys to Ukraine in 2017, we fell in love with the culture of plombir ice cream all over again. We ate this sweet treat daily on our month-long trip and it was the best part of the experience — no regrets!

Once we returned, I was determined to try making plombir at home. This recipe was inspired by Lily’s Cooking and Home.

What Is Plombir?

Plombir is a classic Slavic ice cream treat. The ice cream is creamy and light, usually flavored with vanilla or chocolate. It’s served in mini cake cones and enjoyed across all ages.

Derived from the French word plombières (vanilla ice cream mixed with kirsch-soaked fruit), plombir is a Soviet spin-off of American ice cream. It was first produced in Moscow in 1937, and strict standards were set for the quality and percentage of fat and sugar in the ice cream. Mass production of the dessert began, earning worldwide fame. To this day, plombir is the most popular ice cream in Slavic countries!

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How To Make Plombir

This plombir recipe is unbelievably simple — no stovetop or custard required! Mix up the ice cream, scoop it into cones, and freeze until set.

  • Make the ice cream mixture: Using an electric hand mixer or stand mixer, whip the heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla until soft peaks form.
  • Fill the cones: Arrange the cones in a muffin pan to catch any drips, then fill generously with the ice cream mixture.
  • Freeze the plombir: Freeze the cones for a few hours until the ice cream is set.

Flavor Variations

Vanilla flavor is the classic for plombir, but the options are truly endless. Add your favorite ice cream flavor into the plombir with these easy ingredient additions.

  • Chocolate: Mix in three tablespoons of cacao powder for a chocolate-y indulgence.
  • Nutella: Add Nutella to your heart’s desire for a nutty hazelnut flavor.
  • Dulce de leche: Swap the sweetened condensed milk with six ounces of dulce de leche to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Berry: Swirl a few spoonfuls of strawberry jam or raspberry jam for a “berry” tasty bite.
Several of Plombir Ice Creams.

Tips For Perfect Plombir

Do you think homemade ice cream is too complicated to attempt? Think again! With these tips, you’ll be smooth sailing.

  • Avoid over-whipping the cream. Whip the cream only until it gently peaks and falls over. Over-whipping by even a minute may result in curdled ice cream.
  • Use cake cones. These cones soften as the ice cream freezes and taste exactly like the retro treat! You can easily find them at your local grocery store.
  • Place the cones in a muffin pan. Filling the cones in a muffin pan minimizes mess and makes it easier to transfer the plombir to the freezer.


Homemade plombir keeps fresh for up to two weeks in the freezer. Once the cones have initially frozen in the muffin pan, transfer them to a freezer-safe ziplock bag. If preferred, wrap each cone individually in wax paper for easier access.

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