I adopted this recipe from my sister. She graduated from school with straight A’s and wanted to get into nursing program in Ukraine, but there was no chance because she was Christian. So as back up career she went to college to be a chef. I am glad things turned out for her that way, she didn’t like nursing anyway. Now I can go to her for cooking tips.

If you told me few years ago that I will be canning pickles I would have said, you are totally out of your mind. Well not this year, after trying my sisters pickles at camp and I finished every bit out of jar. Usually I don’t care for pickles but those were really good. This is very unusual recipe but honestly it is the best I tried.

*I purchased ketchup from Russian store, but I have seen spicy ketchup at regular grocery stores. I would suggest picking one that you like the most because that would be main role of flavor in pickles.

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