Looking for an easy and quick pickled cucumber recipe? Look no further andtry these delicious pickled cucumber with bright fresh flavors.

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Quick Pickled Cucumber recipe

Every year when cucumbers are in season we prepare quick pickled cucumbers. They are a bit different from canned pickles. The flavor of pickling is somewhere in between fresh and the pickled, but still slightly different. It is my favoritepickled cucumber recipe.

If you are afraid of canning, this is an easy way to make a step towards it. Making your own homemade quick pickled cucumbers cannot be any easier.

Like pickles, these can be used as a light snack, used in recipes or as part of a salad. Slice them up for sandwiches as well.

Ingredients for Pickled Cucumber Recipe

  • Kirby Cucumbers
  • Fresh Dill
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Cloves

How to Make Pickled Cucumbers

This recipe is best made with smaller cucumbers as they make bite-sized snacking easy. Prepare your cucumbers, dill, and garlic by washing well before adding to a canning jar. Follow directions for adding the liquid portion and storing the pickles until time to refrigerate and eat.

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