Plov is a very popular Uzbek dish. You will hear people call it pilaf, plov or palov. We’ve been loving this easy plov recipe for so many years, and if you try it, you will know why!

Uzbek plov in a bowl

Plov, a.k.a. pilaf, to Uzbekis is like pasta to Italians. Plov is Uzbekistan’s main course, mainly served to large gatherings of guests, such as at a wedding. Uzbeki people have been considered to be leaders in plov.

Unlike the typical plov, Uzpek Palov is not mushy. It tastes more solid and delicate. A perfect addition to serve with plov is either a Cabbage Salad or Amazing Purple Cabbage Salad.

Tips to Make the Best Pilaf

  • Use a Dutch oven for this dish. Everything cooks more evenly, and you’ll end up with so much more flavor.
  • Cook meat until it has that golden brown color; once again, that will give so much more flavor to your dish.
  • Rinse rice a few times in cold water before cooking; this will remove any starch, and the rice will not be mushy.
  • The best meats to use would be either lamb or a fatty beef cut. These give pilaf the most flavor.
Pilaf in a bowl

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