Braised cabbage with rice is a filling dish that is made all in one pan. It makes for a perfectly healthy lunch or dinner and it reheats amazingly. 

Braised cabbage with chicken in a pan

This recipe comes straight out of my mom’s kitchen. For special occasions or weekend dinners, she would whip this up for us and it was always just oh so comforting and guilt-free.

Cabbage was a staple in our home and there were so many different dishes I grew up with that use this inexpensive, but nourishing veggie as a base. From cabbage rolls to cabbage soup to pickled cabbage and beets and overnight sauerkraut, there is always a cabbage dish that fit my Ukrainian cravings. 

Can you Eat Raw Cabbage? 

If you like coleslaw, you like raw cabbage! Some people think the veggie is too thick to be eaten raw. I for one, disagree. It’s all about how you slice it. The thinner the better! I also find that cabbage salads keep their texture much longer than lettuce-based salads. See ya later soggy lettuce! 

How do you Cut Cabbage?

You can chop your cabbage by hand with a sharp knife. Since we are braising the cabbage, it will cook down significantly so you can use larger pieces and be just fine. 

If you are going to make a raw cabbage salad, I would recommend using a mandoline slicer.

Ingredients for the Braised Cabbage

Tips for Braised Cabbage 

  • Cook all the ingredients on high-heat. Once you add the rice, lower the heat so it has time to cook nicely. 
  • Substitute chicken with beef, lamb or pork if you so please. Just make sure to pick leaner cuts so your dish isn’t too greasy. 
  • Cut your carrots in larger pieces. They add a ton of flavor as they cook! 
  • Trying to go low-carb? Omit the rice and double up the shredded cabbage!
  • If you like it a little spicy, add some red pepper flakes in.

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