Pickled mushrooms are super effortless to make. From an accompaniment on charcuterie boards to a steak topper, these vinegary shrooms are best kept handy!

pickled mushrooms in a bowl

Pickled mushrooms are just one of many pickled veggies that we can’t get enough of at Momsdish. We are HUGE fans of pickled foods and the tart and tangy flavor is to die for.

From hosting to snacking, keeping these shrooms on hand is always a lifesaver. Keep a stock in the fridge at all times for when you are in a pinch.

Love shrooms? Give our marinated mushrooms a try. They are packed full of herbs and garlic. Use them on sandwiches or snack on them plain. Either way, you won’t be able to set them down.

Ingredients for the pickled mushrooms

How to Make Pickled Mushrooms?

You don’t have to exert a ton of effort to pickle veggies! It is super easy :). With the right spices and enough vinegar, you can next level any veggie you got hanging around.

  1. Clean mushrooms thoroughly.
  2. Bring a large pot of water and vinegar to boil. Add mushrooms and cook for 15 minutes.
  3. Drain liquid and set mushrooms aside.
  4. Bring mushroom marinade to a boil.
  5. Dice up garlic and place in mason jars.
  6. Fill up each jar with mushrooms and marinade. Cover and store for up to a month.

How Long Can I Marinate Mushrooms?

Mushrooms require at least 24 hours of marinating time to absorb all the flavors and get crunchy. In order to soak up all the wonderful flavors of the marinade, you need to let time run its course. Let your shrooms sit for at least a day, but two to three days is preferable.

Storing Pickled Mushrooms

Refrigerating pickled mushrooms is the best route to take. In my opinion, keeping them chilled makes them taste more fresh! Store them in a mason jar or an airtight container for optimal flavor.

Serving Suggestions

There’s hardly a dish that doesn’t pair well with pickled mushrooms. Sometimes, I like to enjoy them plain with a little drizzle of olive oil and some fresh, chopped herbs. Other times, they are the perfect sidekick to savory meat dishes. Either way, their yummy flavor will be bursting in your mouth soon enough. Here are some of our favorite dishes to pair them with:

  • Rib Roast Recipe: Fatty and tender, this meat is begging to be complemented by a few pickled veggies.
  • Homemade Kielbasa Recipe: Every Easter and Christmas, my family gets together and makes homemade kielbasa. Whether we are making sandwiches or eating the links plain, a pickled shroom is a perfect sidekick.
  • Perfect Cast Iron Ribeye: Nothing goes with steak quite like mushrooms. This classic combo will make you feel like you’re out at your favorite steakhouse.
  • Steak Sandwich: Sprinkle a couple of these bad boys on your steak sandwich for a nice pop of flavor. Trust me, you will love the combination.
  • Mushroom and Cheese Sandwich: Substitute sauteed mushrooms for pickled in one of my FAVORITE sandwich recipes.
pickled mushrooms in a bowl

Switch Things Up

Looking to add a pop of flavor to your mushrooms? Check out these simple variations to make your pickled mushrooms speak to your taste buds:

  • If you love it spicy, add some chopped jalapenos or Thai red chiles. Beware: A little goes a long way.
  • Herb it up! Add a sprig of rosemary or thyme to infuse some awesome flavor into your shroom. My preference is dill, but that just might be the Eastern European in me!
  • Double the garlic! If you can’t get enough of garlic, add MORE.
  • Add some other veggies for texture. Cauliflower and carrots are my favorite, but your pickling options are endless!

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