Stuffed Chicken Thighs with Rice is crispy on the outside, filled with irresistible flavor on the inside. Just a few ingredients and you’ll create a delicious dish that goes well with any occasion.

Stuffed Chicken with Rice in a plate

I love using chicken thighs because their dark meat is guaranteed to add a ton of flavor to any dish. If you are a bit short on time, try making my recipe for Instant Pot Chicken Thighs instead. 

In Slavic weddings, it’s customary to prepare this dish for the reception. Known as “Solomon Golubtsi”, this recipe has become so popular in my family that we now have it at almost every holiday party or special event. 

I can’t say enough how much this recipe is going to win you over. The chicken produces a delicious fatty sauce that seeps into the rice as the dish bakes. It’s out-of-this-world tasty and I can’t get enough of the delicious chicken skin that forms on top of each stuffed thigh. 

Stuffed chicken in a baking pan

Tips for Making The Best Stuffed Chicken:

  • To save some time, use the leftover or precooked brown, white or wild rice. 
  • I like to use garlic parsley salt to sprinkle on top of the stuffed chicken. It’s a very popular spice blend used throughout the Eastern European cooking. But, feel free to play around here. You can and should use your favorite seasoning blend.  
  • This is totally optional, but if you’re a cheese fanatic, adding a bit of mozzarella or parmesan cheese inside the rice filling is super tasty. 
  • I like to use bone-in chicken thighs so I can save the removed bones and make chicken broth. With the cold season approaching, it’s always nice to have homemade broth on hand. 
  • Don’t skimp on tenderizing your chicken thighs. Tenderizing the thighs ensures that the chicken pieces are uniform and will bake evenly. It also makes the meat so much more decadent and easy to chew. 
  • At around 30-40 minutes of baking, drain some of the grease out of the pan so that the rice is not fully flooded with fat. 
  • Use a meat thermometer to check that the inner temperature of the thighs have reached 165F. You don’t want your chicken to be too dry or undercooked. I find that using a thermometer provides piece of mind and removes all the guesswork of cooking chicken properly.
Ingredients for stuffed chicken thighs

Can You Freeze the Stuffed Chicken Thighs?

There are two ways to freeze your stuffed chicken thighs — cooked or raw. Here’s how to do both: 

Freezing the Fully Cooked Stuffed Chicken Thighs 

Allow fully cooked stuffed chicken thighs to completely cool in the refrigerator. Then, wrap each chicken thigh in plastic wrap and place in an airtight container. Freeze the thighs for up to a couple of weeks. Cooked chicken is more prone to freezer burn, so it doesn’t last as long as the uncooked chicken. To reheat it, place the thighs in the oven at 350F for 20 minutes, or until warm all the way through. If you’re unsure, cut one of the pieces in half to check the internal warmth. 

Freezing the Uncooked Stuffed Chicken Thighs 

Put uncooked stuffed chicken thighs on a foil-lined baking sheet and place in the freezer for about an hour or until completely firm. Then, layer the frozen stuffed thighs between sheets of waxed paper in an airtight container. Freeze it for up to a month. To serve, thaw in a single layer overnight in the refrigerator. Bake according to the recipe’s instructions. 

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