Russian Walnut Cookies Recipe

This is my sisters recipe for Oreshki, she is a really good baker (Makes the best Pyana Vishnya Cake, I got to post it one day).
So we came over to her house and we ate whole lot and took some home. It’s perfect for me because if I had them at home it would be me and my older son eating most of them (check him out in picture). I completely have no self-control when it comes to bakes goodies.

Serving size:
50 min
50 min
Ready in
1 hr 40 min


Mix together in bowl flour and sugar, rub in butter and margarine into flour until it has same consistency.
Make little hole in middle of flour mixture, put eggs, mayo and baking powder. Mix dough well together until you get same consistency. Dough will be soft and little sticky.
Using Orshnitsa maker place small balls of dough inside each metal form (Oreshek). Cook on stove top until golden brown, flipping each side.
Let them cool, break off access on sides of each one. Fill them with cooked condensed milk(Optional to put some roasted walnuts inside each oreshek) Note: I don’t make them often, just don’t like making oreshki on stove top(I have flat top), butter melts and drips to sides. So have wet towel on you to wipe stove top.
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