Crispy Baked Chicken Tenders Recipe  Recipe

Our boys love chicken nuggets from fast food places, and I have that kid at heart that loves them too. Reading about all of the processed ingredients in chicken nuggets, I am afraid to buy them, not even from a grocery store. So the solution is to make it at home, making it very simple and timeless.

These chicken nuggets are flaky, moist, while crispy on the outside. They were a hit and kids loved these.

Tip: Let chicken marinade for at least 24 hours, it will turn out moist.

PS - Apologies, these pictures were taken with a cell phone, since the replacement camera didn't arrive yet.

Serving size:
20 min
25 min
Ready in
40 min


Cut chicken into small pieces, about one inch in width and three in length. Cut garlic into 1/2 pieces and onions into rings. Place chicken, onion, garlic, seasoning into a deep bowl, season with salt and mayonnaise.
Leave chicken marinating for at least two hours. I like to leave it marinating for a few days in refrigerator. Once the chicken is done marinating, remove extra mayonnaise, onion and garlic from the chicken.
Place the panko crumbs into a shallow dish, dipping each chicken piece into the crumbs.
Place chicken on a wire rack baking sheet. I don't have wire rack, so I had to turn the chicken as it was baking. Bake chicken at 400F for about 20 minutes or until golden brown. Serve chicken with your favorite dinning sauce; we went with some organic ketchup.
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